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Hello Pals,

The exclusive and extremely decent Tamil chat room featured with text messages, Audio and video enabled 123 Flash chat room. You can meet Tamil people from Tamilnadu. You can meet Malaysian, singapore Tamil, rest of East Asian, European Tamil, UAE Tamils etc., It’s a No.1 Tamil chat for making good friends.

Apart from which there additional features like separate chat room for making get together, business meetings, social meeting and partying. Entire Tamil chat is bounded by well framed rules and regulations. Members are welcomed to express their views on website.

Enjoy your stay as much as possible with your friends, brothers and sisters.

Rules for Indian and German Tamil chat

1. On Main chat

Adult words are strictly prohibited. For example, mentioning one’s pvt parts etc.,
No abusive words which hurts others. Be gentle and friendly with users.
Please do not flood the main by using repeated words and smileys.
Inviting users to other chat rooms in any form are prohibited.
Cross-questioning admin decision, blaming and creating unnecessary issues about the administrators are not allowed.
(Gently take the issue to other administrators for solving it or write an email to user support system)

2. On Pvt chat

Users are free to do private chats. But abusing is prohibited. When user being harassed makes complaint, actions will be taken.
Please bring your complaints to moderators so that your problems get resolved sooner.
Other chat room invitations are prohibited in pvt chat also.
(Chat room advertisements can be published in our website itself at classifieds section. Users can make use of that).

3. On Media (Audio, Video)

Users can sing, play songs & musical instruments, publish dance video, make a speech etc.,
Simultaneously use only two mics so that there will not be any echo and noise disturbance (use of headsets are recommended for clarity speech).
Please make a notification in main chat before taking the mic and wait for admins approval.
Allow and give chance to other users also to take mic for showcasing their talents.
Please do not criticize and hurt any one while using mic.
4. In-case users wish to have any get together party with your buddies, hangouts, social drink party, please contact the admins, so that a separate room and password will be arranged for stipulated time.

The chat is for fun and to showcase Tamil people’s talents and skills. Tamilans excel in arts, culture and traditions. The site started for revealing young Tamil guys are still talented in all the thing. Enjoy chatting..!!!

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