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Feminism in Tamil Nadu – A way to Entrepreneurship

After long and deep thinking I start writing this post. Few days back I came across a news in TV channel. The news is about the 4 Indian women entrepreneurs listed in the global list of top 50 most powerful women entrepreneurs.

These 4 Indian women are not from Tamil Nadu. Since I am a Tamilian, I started thinking and even worried on later stages that there were no women entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu. Most of the Tamil women were supposed to give up all her ambitions and fall into a family of managing home, kids, normal work life.

These traditions which were followed by Tamil people for many years stands as a great barrier for many women who has valuable thoughts. These castes, religion and traditions all encourage men to dominate women kind. This Tamil society get used to see women as a home maker and money making machine for running a family. This society with such traditions give very least importance to women’s thoughts, ideology and even simple wish. Women are nurtured and educated to have a degree and in most cases this degree never used for career interviews but only for getting a groom who has same level of education. How crazy thought this society has? What benefits are we getting from this traditions, religion and castes? Why are this people want to preserve these things which yields nothing?

Here with this post I would like suggest these young Tamil girls that women are such a multi-talented personalities. Women’s thoughts, skills and input are really needed for the society’s development. Still it is very necessary to educate and fight against this superstitious men, moms and dads for bringing bigger change in the society. Feminism in Tamil Nadu should be understood clearly, encouraged and followed by all Tamil young girls. When men and women join hands with understanding and worked together towards developing this society, Tamil Nadu compete this world leading any countries like Americas and Europa.

Source: Deccan Herald news report about top Indian women entrepreneurs:

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